Shenzhen Chengda Technology Co., Ltd. was established in January 1993. It is a national high-tech enterprise specializing in the development and application of interface function enhancement technology, separation engineering, and mass transfer component design, research, development, production, and service. It is a "specialized, refined, and innovative" enterprise in Shenzhen. The headquarters is located in Nanshan Zhiyuan, Nanshan District, Shenzhen. The factory and laboratory are located in Jinmaoyuan Environmental Protection Industrial Park, Huizhou City, mainly serving industries such as petrochemical, coal chemical, marine, and environmental protection. twenty-one million one hundred and twenty-one thousand two hundred and twelve


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Work Location

Release Time

Sales Manager



Job responsibilities:

1. Responsible for customer development and organizing technical exchanges with customers;

2. Explore customer needs, responsible for promoting company technology and products,;

3. Complete the annual performance goals set by the company.

Job requirements:

1. Bachelor's degree or above in unified enrollment;

2. At least five years of sales related work experience in the petrochemical industry, with experience in major customer sales or organizational strategy sales preferred;

3. In my past work experience, I have achieved excellent sales performance.

Process Engineer



Job responsibilities:


1. Responsible for mining application scenarios for new products and technologies, and proposing suggestions for product application development;


2. Responsible for developing technical solutions, providing pre-sales technical support and communication, and promoting the rapid entry of products into the market;


4. Responsible for timely collection of customer feedback on after-sales technical services, and providing data support for product improvement.


Job requirements:


1. Bachelor's degree or above;


2. Having professional training in petrochemical processes, devices, equipment control, and other related fields, possessing good professional skills and relevant knowledge;


3. Having five years of relevant work experience;


4. Need good information collection, data analysis, and technical report writing skills, be good at communication, and work steadily.

Equipment Engineer



Job responsibilities:


1. Familiar with the company's technology and product design, manufacturing, and installation standards;


2. Complete the preparation of the project supply list and preliminary design of the schematic diagram;


3. According to the project schedule, complete the preparation of tower internal product structure design calculations and the design and calibration of construction drawings on time during the project design phase, ensuring the completeness and accuracy of construction drawings and related technical documents;


4. Independently provide technical guidance services for customer on-site product installation according to project requirements.

Job requirements:


1. Bachelor's degree or above, major in mechanical engineering, preferably in chemical machinery or process equipment and control engineering;


2. At least 3 years of mechanical design work experience, and at least 1 year of design experience in large-scale refining equipment or petrochemical equipment (such as pressure vessels). Understanding the working principles of petrochemical equipment is preferred;


3. Proficient in using drawing software such as AutoCAD and Solidworks.

R & D Engineer



Job responsibilities:

1. Responsible for researching the corrosion mechanism of chemical equipment in industrial environments and proposing corresponding solutions;

2. Responsible for laboratory synthesis, characterization, and industrial testing of corrosion-resistant materials;

3. Based on the experimental results and technical requirements, write project reports and final reports, organize product trial production, and achieve project outcome conversion.


Job requirements:

1. Master's degree or above in metal materials, inorganic materials, ceramic materials, and electrochemistry;

2. Having a good background in professional technology and related knowledge;

3. Previous experience in metal materials, corrosion, and protection research is preferred;

4. Good information collection, data analysis, and technical report writing skills, good communication skills, and passion for research and development work.




Job responsibilities:

1. Fully responsible for the daily accounting, auditing, taxation, and fund management work of the finance department;

2. Organize the formulation and improvement of financial management systems and related formulation;

3. Organize the comprehensive budget formulation and execution of the company, and timely hold quarterly analysis meetings;

4. Responsible for coordinating external financial affairs such as auditing, taxation, statistics, and banking for the company.


Job requirements:

1. Bachelor's degree or above in accounting, with qualifications for accounting professionals;

2. More than ten years of work experience in financial positions, having served as a financial supervisor, familiar with accounting and tax related laws and regulations;

3. Strong learning ability, able to fully understand business logic, strong sense of responsibility, and strong communication and expression skills.

4. Experience as a financial supervisor in a manufacturing listed company or qualified as a certified public accountant is preferred.

information engineer



Job responsibilities:

1. Responsible for and promoting the construction of company information management;

2. Responsible for IT system maintenance and technical support;

3. Software and hardware support for other networks, computers, and communication systems.

Job requirements:

1. Bachelor's degree or above; Information management, computer related majors;

2. Have participated in the construction of enterprise information systems and have at least three years of relevant work experience;

3. Proficient in debugging and configuring networks, computer hardware, and system software.

Personnel Administrative Assistant (also serving a



Job responsibilities:

1. Assist in completing the daily affairs of the administrative department;

2. Responsible for front desk reception;

3. Assist the human resources department in promoting the construction of company culture;

4. Assist the company in related outreach work.


Job requirements:

1. College degree or above, with at least three years of relevant work experience, proficient in using basic office software;

2. Those with experience in human resources, industry and commerce, taxation, and other outreach work are preferred;

3. Proactive, strong affinity, excellent communication and collaboration skills.

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