About us

About us

  Founded in 1993, Shenzhen Candor Technology Co., Ltd, (hereinafter referred to as Candor) is the world's leading provider of interface enhancement technology development and application services, a national high-tech enterprise, and an SRDI (Specialized, Refinement, Differential and Innovation) enterprise in Shenzhen. The company focuses on the development and application of interface function enhancement technology and products, and has innovatively developed the CTS (Corrosion-resistant Technology Surface) technology. Candor’s products have been widely used in petroleum refining, coal chemical, marine equipment and other fields. Relying on its advanced technology, superior performance and stable quality, Candor has accumulated a lot of engineering application experiences from satisfied customers in the petrochemical industry, thereby has making contributons to the safe, green, low-carbon, and high-quality development of petrochemical industry.
  The company's CTS technology, a stainless steel anti-corrosion and anti-coking technology, has superior anti-corrosion and anti-coking functions, and it is especially effective for high acid, high sulfur, chloride ion, H2S and other corrosive media, and its technical development level has been evaluated as the internationally-leading, and its products have been applied in 41 large refineries such as Sinopec, PetroChina, CNOOC, and ExxonMobil, etc. Candor is expanding its business to other fields, shuch as coal chemical industry, offshore wind energy, and marine equipments, etc.
  The company's first generation of hydrogen-corrosion-resistant materials have been successfully applied in the petrochemical field of hydrogen production and hydrogen use, and the second generation of hydrogen-corrosion-resistant material is being developed, which will be suitable for a wider range of substrates, hydrogen energy utilization activities such as transportation, storage, filling, and hydrogen fuel cells.
  The company has leading and rich engineering experiences in the field of industrial distillation and separation. It has contributeds a number of world’s 1st initiatives, including the point-line-surface liquid distribution technology, the low-pressure-drop non-interference liquid collection technology. Today, these technologies also have been successfully applied to the CO2 capture device, as the company's leading technology advantage. Candor has participated in the first demonstration project of CO2 capture carbon emission reduction of CHN Energy.
  The company's technologies are independently developed, and Candor holds a number of patents, and several PCT applications. Candor has also participated in the formulation of industry standards. The company's technology has been granted many honors such as the “international leading level” in China Petrochemical and Chemical Industry Federation's appraisal conclusion (2020), the "2020 Petroleum and Petrochemical Good Technology" project, the 2020 Science and Technology Progress Award of China Petrochemical Industry, the Science and Technology Award of Chinese Society for Corrosion and Protection (2021), and the NACE 2021 Corrosion Innovation Award, as well as the “international leading level” in the appraisal conclusion of Sinopec Group (2021).


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