QHSE Policy

Take Candor’s quality management measures with original intention, implement the QHSE management system fully, follow standards strictly, and conform to Candor’s quality requirements.
Establish, maintain, and continuously improve an effective quality, health, safety, and environmental management system, and provide customers with safe, high-quality, environmentally-friendly products and perfect services. The Company will advocate saving resources, improve the utilization rate of resources, and strictly comply with the requirements of relevant national laws, regulations, and standards to prevent pollution, injury and disease. Provide a safe and healthy working environment for all employees and relevant partners, and assume due social responsibility for the sustainable development of the whole society.

Quality management

Following the quality policy of "quality for survival, management for efficiency, innovation for development, and service for reputation", according to ISO9001 standards and requirements, Candor has established a quality management team with professional qualifications and senior project experience, and relying on sound quality control management system and innovative quality solutions, the Company is constantly improving quality assurance capacity and meeting customers’ expectations. It insists on implementing the quality requirements in every detail of business to achieve its quality objectives and economic benefits.

Occupational health

We take it as our responsibility to keep our employees in the best physical, psychological and social condition. Through strict process control, pre-management, and other methods, we follow the principle of safety first to ensure that the workplace complies with relevant national laws and regulations and occupational health standards, prevent employees’ health from being adversely affected by the working environment, protect employees from health hazards, thereby protecting employees’ occupational health, safety, and related rights and interests effectively.

Safety management

Safety-first: The highest principle of safety management is to ensure the safety of personnel, assets, and the environment.
Prevention-based: Take “congenital” or “acquired” preventive measures to prevent the occurrence of safety accidents.
Full participation: Safety responsibility is assigned to everyone; everyone should take safety as a priority and actively participate in safety management.
In pursuit of excellence: Improve the level of safety management continuously; optimize technology, equipment, and management methods constantly to ensure that the safety of the Company meets the highest standards.
Total management: Total management is carried out from the aspects of the management system, risk assessment, safety training and drilling, and emergency plan to ensure the perfection of safety management system.
Strict compliance with regulations: Comply with national laws and regulations, industry standards and rules and regulations formulated by the Company.
Continuous improvement: Correct and improve the safety management system timely, and improve safety management Continuously through continuous analysis and summary of safety incidents.

Environmental Protection

It is very important to maintain a lasting and harmonious relationship with nature. We take the protection of the ecological environment as our responsibility and are committed to maintaining the ecological balance of the earth's environment through energy saving, resource recycling, and continuous improvement and optimization of technology.
Less consumption, better future.

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