About the technology


      CTS is a surface enhancement technology by in situ surface modifications of stainless steel through chemical-electrochemical methods. It improves the corrosion resistance and anti-coking performance of stainless steel greatly.  

      CTS technology is developed to solve the widespread problems of equipment corrosion and coking in the industrial environments. It is for industries with complex corrosive media and wide temperature and pressure ranges such as in petrochemical, coal chemical, marine, electric power, and metallurgy industries. It allows more selections compared with traditional materials. CTS technology can effectively slows down the corrosion of equipment by chlorine, sulfur (sulfide), and organic acid (naphthenic acid). It is also characterized by anti-coking and anti-scaling, etc., thereby meeting the needs of industrial equipments in terms of safety, cost reduction, and efficiency improvement.

Technical Principles

Technical characteristics

        Corrosion resistance


        Improved wettability Strong adhesion

        Wide temperature range

        Without affecting the mechanical properties of the raw material

        Without affecting the heat transfer performance of the raw material

Technical specifications

                                                      Pitting resistance index of film (PREN):≥40

                                                      Film thickness:100nm

                                                      Film adhesion: Thermal shock test (450 ℃): the film shall not bubble or fall off

                                                      FeCl3 corrosion test: The corrosion rate is less than 1/3 of the base material

                                                      Film appearance: The primary color of stainless steel disappears and it appears in color.

Technical advantages

After years of industrial testing and application, it has been proved that the technology is safe, reliable, stable and excellent in performance.

The chromium oxide content in the film is as high as more than 70% (wt), and the pitting resistance index (PREN) reaches 40 ~ 58.

The service life of the equipment can be prolonged to 2 ~ 5 production cycles

The capacity of the surface of the material to absorb ions is greatly reduced, which can effectively alleviate the tendency of scaling and coking in the system.

Economic benefits

        It can improve the service life of equipment by 200%-500% and reduce the initial cost and the replacement cost of equipment.

        It can maintain the continuous stability of the mass transfer and heat transfer performances of material surface, avoid the efficiency reduction of equipment in long-term operation, ensure a long-term, safe, and stable operation of equipment, and reduce the operating costs.

        A stable processing performance makes equipment maintenance and prediction more accurate, and avoids losses caused by accidents.

        The safe operation index of the whole system is improved, the metal ions with adverse effects in the system are greatly reduced, and other subsystems, such as catalysts, are protected for longterm.

        It reduces the discharge of solid wastes and hazardous wastes, and the use of chemical cleaning agents, that makes it safer and more friendly to the environment.

Scope of application

         CTS technology is widely used in:

       Petrochemical, coal chemical, marine engineering, electric power, metallurgy and other industrial fields;

       410S/304/304L/321/316/316L/317/317L/904L/2205/2507/N03867 ferritic stainless steel, austenitic stainless steel, duplex steel and super stainless steel;

       Internals, heat exchangers, pipes, containers, moving equipments (pump impellers), etc.

Cooperation model

 According to customer needs, we can provide CTS technology surface treatment services for customers;

 We can also provide customers with CTS-treated internals and equipments.

Transportable parts and equipment can be delivered to Candor’s plant for treatment;

Large-sized equipment (containers, etc.) , that cannot be moved, can be treated at customers’ site.

Large liquid distribution technology

 A liquid distributor is the core component of the packed tower, which is of great significance to improving the separation efficiency, ensuring product quality, and increasing the product yield. As a patented product of Candor (Patent No.: ZL99248216.X), compared with the traditional narrow trough liquid distributor, the three-stage baffle narrow trough liquid distributor can improve distribution efficiency by 10% ~ 50%, and a very uniform and continuous liquid film formed at the bottom edge of the guide plate, especially in case of low liquid volume. It is also capable of generating uniform droplets parallel to the trough and at the bottom edge of the guide plate. The lower the liquid head is, the greater the efficiency is improved. This structure allows effective coordination and selection on hole number, hole diameter, and hole spacing on the trough, in order to meet the requirements of uniform liquid distribution and design elasticity. In case of very low liquid volumes, the three-stage guide plate is also provided with concave pits arranged according to a certain rule, which can eliminate the uneven distribution caused by the contraction of liquid on the metal surface and partially eliminate the unevenness caused by the levelness error when the distributor is installed in industry.
      Highlights of three-stage guide plate trough liquid distributor:
      1. Good distribution performance.
      2. High elasticity of operating loads.
      3. Good cushioning performance.
      In 2001, the patented technology of three-stage guide plate liquid distributor of Candor was successfully applied to the vacuum tower of a 8 million tons/year atmospheric and vacuum distillation plant in the refinery of Sinopec Shanghai Gaoqiao Branch, which had the largest tower diameter (10.2 m) in that year in China. The team won the Sinopec Science and Technology Progress Award in May 2005 because of the excellent performace of the unit.

Interference-free low pressure drop liquid collection technique

       In order to solve the contradiction between liquid collection and gas distribution in a oil tank,and also the problem that the heated structure is easyly to deformed or even destroyed in high-temperature, Candor has developed a patented technology (Patent No.: ZL 2010 2 0662927. 9) - the beam-trough integrated oil collecting tank. It greatly reduces the overall height of the oil collecting tank, improves the liquid storage capacity, increases the area of the gas phase channels, reduces the use of materials and is more cost-effective by replacing the support beam with the liquid collection structure and the trough.
     Specific characterstics are as following:
     1. The excellent gas distribution design makes the area of the gas phase channels increased by 15% ~ 30% over the traditional oil tank, and the pressure drop is even lower;
     2. The excellent liquid collecting function reduces the overall height of the oil collecting tank and increases the liquid storage capacity of the oil collecting tank;
     3. Freed thermal expansions prevents stress;
     4. The liquid collecting trough replaces a supporting beam, reduces construction materials, which is more cost-effective;
     5. Simple structure, convenient disassembly, and simple installation.

Anti-thermal expansion and anti-coking liquid collection technology

      Due to the high temperature and low spray density in the washing section of a vacuum tower, the oil collecting tank might be seriously coked, and the structure of a oil collecting tank is easily damaged due to high temperature. Through the integrated structure of two or more trough beams arranged in the middle, a plurality of liquid collecting troughs are arranged between the two or more trough beams to guide liquid into the larger trough, and by ensuring a certain inclination, the flow path of the liquid is shortened, the retention time of the collected liquid is reduced, and coking is prevented. In addition, the common truss beam is replaced by the trough, and the material cost is reduced. The liquid collecting trough is connected slidabley with the tower wall support, and can freely expand at high temperature, therefore it is not limited by the operating temperature and is convenient to disassemble. Through the optimized arrangement, the vent area is much larger than that of the conventional oil collecting tank, which is especially suitable for occasions where the pressure drop of the internals is strictly limited by in a deep distillation of the vacuum tower.
      1. Excellent gas distribution and liquid collection,
      2. Favorable for reducing the retention time of the liquid, shortening the process and preventing cokes;
      3. Free thermal expansion space to release stress;
      4. Less material, more cost-effective;
      5. Simple structure, convenient disassembly, and simple installation;
      Applicable scopes:
      It reasonably solves the problem of thermal expansion and can be normally used in conditions at high temperature or with large temperature differences.

Gas phase distribution technology

      V-blade feed distributor

        High-speed gas quickly passes through the middle channel of the distributor and then passes through the channels formed by the arc-shaped fins which are optimizedly arranged to disperse the gas, thereby achieving the purpose of converting kinetic energy, simultaneously enabling the gas to be distributed with high uniformity. The design  improves the separation efficiency of the tower. 


    (1)Uniform distribution of feeding gas phase.

    (2) Less scouring of the tower wall.

    (3)Lower resistance.

    (4)Simple structure, convenient in installation and replacement, and small occupied space.

      Double-tangential circumfluence type feed distributor

      The feed distributor has a separation function of one theoretical plate, which is suitable for vapor-liquid two-phase feed, and is generally used for the feed inlet at the bottom of a tower. The non-uniformity is less than 0.37%, the liquid entrainment in the vapor stream is less than 0.1%, and the pressure drop is less than 0.7 mmHg, therefore it has the best comprehensive performance.


    (1)lower pressure drop, and less energy consumption;

    (2)lower entrainment rate and the distribution of gas and liquid phases is more uniform;

    (3)better separation effects.

Improved packing technology

      Without changing the original specific surface area and the main body inclination angle of the plate corrugated packing, the inclination angle of the joint part of the upper and lower layers of packing is improved, so that the original 90° sharp corner is changed into a gentle corner, which effectively reduces the resistance drop of the packing and improves the processing capacity (reduces the flooding rate), which is unique in dealing with coking easily and easily polymerized materials.


    (1)Low pressure drop

    (2)High efficiency

    (3)Large processing capacity

Product Series
Models and specifications

Trough liquid (re) distributor

Three-stage guide plate narrow trough liquid distributor
CFY11 series
Three-stage guide plate narrow trough liquid redistributor
CFY12 series
Primary trough liquid distributor
CFY13 series
Primary trough liquid redistributor
CFY14 series
Tubular liquid distributor
Tubular liquid distributor
CFY21 series

Tray liquid distributor

Drip tray liquid distributor
CFY31 series
Drip tray liquid redistributor
CFY32 series
Duplex trough tray liquid distributor
CFY33 series
Duplex trough tray liquid redistributor
CFY34 series

Liquid-liquid extraction distributor

Coil extraction distributor
CFC11 series
Calandria extraction distributor
CFC12 series
Sieve plate extraction redistributor
CFC21 series

Gas distributor

Guide plate gas distributor
CFQ11 series
Riser gas distributor
CFQ21 series


Tray flash feeder
CJL10 series
Perforated straight tube feeder
CJL20 series
Straight pipe baffle feeder
CJL30 series
Single tangential loop feeder
CJL40 series
Double tangential loop feeder
CJL50 series
V-blade feeder
CJL60 series
Calandria feeder
CJL70 series

Liquid collector

W-type liquid collector
CSY10 series
V-type liquid collector
CSY20 series
Improved oil collecting tank
CSY30 series
KRJ-type oil collecting tank
CSY40 series
Beam-trough integrated oil collecting tank
CSY50 series

Packing support

Support grille
CZC10 series
Hump-type support plate
CZC20 series

Mist catcher

Mesh-type mist catcher
CQT21 series
Folded plate mist catcher
CQT22 series


Herringbone demister
CQT31 series
Fiber type demister
CQT32 series


Combined directed float valve tray

Fixed tongue tray
F1 float valve tray /span>
Bubble cap tray
Multi-downcomer MD tray

Structured packing

Metal wire mesh corrugated packing

Metal orifice plate corrugated packing

Candor new packing

Plastic wire mesh corrugated packing

Plastic orifice plate corrugated packing

Bulk packing

QH-1 type flat ring

QH-3 type flat ring

Intalox saddle ring

Pall ring

      According to different users’ requirements and device conditions, relying on advanced technology and rich industrial experiences, we provide users with technical services such as fault diagnosis, feasibility study, preliminary design, construction drawing design, internals manufacturing, installation guidance, technical training, assistance in start-up and calibration, etc., and provide users with efficient and energy-saving solutions. 

      Process design and optimization

      Development of energy-saving and efficiency-increasing long-period technology

      Equipment design and selection

      On-site services

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